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RSF: petition to free Kareem and Monem

Categories: Egypt

Reporters Without Borders [1] has launched today a petition [2] calling the Egyptian regime to free the tow Egyptian bloggers Kareem Amer [3] and Abdel-Monem Mahmoud [4]. RSF is urging Internet-users to sign this petition and block Egypt from hosting the Internet Governance Forum [5] (IGF) in 2008 (conference organized under the UN mantle) unless the two bloggers are freed.

We urge the organizers of the Internet Governance Forum to intervene with the Egyptian authorities on behalf of these two bloggers. It would be intolerable for a UN summit on the future of the Internet to be held in a country which imprisons bloggers“, said RSF in a statement.

The petition will be send on the occasion of the first anniversary of the arrest of Kareem Amer, on 6 November 2007, to the Egyptian President, to the Executive Coordinator of the IGF, and to the UN Secretary General.