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Syria: censorship and repression

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Based on a list, by ISP, provided by the Syrian center for media and freedom of Expression, the Tharwa community [1] has posted a brief history of the Internet Filtering in Syria [2], which describes the crackdown on online freedom of speech. Most of the blocked websites are related to freedom of expression, human rights and political opposition.
Very recently, on April 25, 2007, the Syrian regime has blocked access to several Kurdish websites [3] like the qamishlo.net [4], efrin.net [5], kurdtimes.com [6].
Last month, on 28th April, Syria released the cyber activist Ibrahim Zoro [7], arrested on April, 5th. However, two other activists remain in jail for online activities deemed hostile by Syrian authorities: journalist Muhened Abdulrahman [8] and writer Habib Saleh [9].
For more information on internet filtering in Syria read the HRW report [10].