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Fiji: Blogs are a threat to national security

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On May 14th, Intelligentsiya reported [1] that the army's Land Force Commander has a list of about 20 people who will be arrested in connection with anti-military blogs. It has also been reported that the Fiji Military Forces (FMF) have pressured FINTEL, Fiji's only ISP, to block blogspot.com blogging platform [2], nearly exclusively used by the “Fijian Freedom Bloggers [3]”. It seems that the Fiji's military junta is considering blogs as a “threat to national security [4]”.

Lats week, on Friday 11th May, 2007, the prominent businessman Ulai Taoi was arrested [5] and then released after 24 hours custody. The FMF suspected him of being an anti-military blogger [6]. It was reported that he was “physically abused while in custody [7]”.