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China: Hu Jia's family become human “state secrets”

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And likely very skinny ones at this point, having been locked away from journalists and lawyers and bringers of milk formula [1] for over a month now.

Since AIDS activist-turned house arrested blogger [2] Hu Jia's arrest [3], he's been described as a one-man [4] human rights organization, that bloggers like him are the kind The Party fears most, and that for every Hu Jia silenced, ten more bloggers like him will pop up to take his place; shame [5], say some, and smooth move [6] others. With Hu's wife Zeng Jinyan and their 2-month-old daughter Hu Qianci having been under house arrest for over a month now and in effect having been made state secrets of themselves, even more are saying now is the crucial time [7] to be blogging about them.

Hu Qianci, China's youngest political prisoner

If the state subversion charge against Hu Jia was supposed to scare the other monkeys at the keyboards, it doesn't seem to have had the desired effect [9]. Yet, director of Sun Yat-sen University's Genders BBS [10] Ai Xiaoming has a long essay floating around in which she assumes, as others have [11], that Hu won't be getting out any time soon, and notes that ten years divided by 1,200 of Hu's supporters means just three days of prison time each.

Others weren't satisfied with just signing the petition [12], though, and put their blogging skills to use. Bloggers from different parts of the country started talking about a milk powder delivery mission, and now the exact location Zeng's home in BOBO Freedom City is neatly marked on Google Maps, with notes of where to watch out for the secret police. If you don't want to risk going in, word is Zeng can be seen clearly in her window from the grassy patch across the road:

View Larger Map [13]

On the information front, while Zeng's old blog [14] has been blocked, there's now a copycat [15] Zeng fansite which hasn't; Hu's blog [16] has been blocked, though now the couple has their own spirit site [17], also blocked. Zeng's new blog [18] has of course been blocked since Hu's arrest, yet somehow keeps updating itself.

And then there's the Free Hu Jia Facebook group [19].

Hu and Zeng found life under house arrest and those enforcing it interesting enough to make a short documentary called “Prisoners in Freedom City” which can not only be viewed on YouTube in seven parts [20] (without Hu and Zeng's permission, as it says), but in one go [21] and even downloadable if you have VeohTV.

Keep a blogger locked up at home long enough with nothing but Chinese state TV and an internet connection to keep them occupied and they're bound to subvert something eventually. What exactly Hu Jia did to warrant the charge, though, isn't exactly known and possibly never will be. What is known is that when he got busted he was in the middle of a Skype conversation, and chances are it was about to become the next of his e-mail podcasts which now too have all been posted online and can be found at the 2008: Year of the Rats blog by Rat Master Flash, who with a name like that should try writing Hu a song and plugging it on MySpace.cn:

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