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Fouad Alfarhan: Three months in Jail

Categories: Saudi Arabia

Three months after his arrest [1], on 10 December 2007, Saudi blogger Fouad Alfarhan [2] remains jailed for unspecified “violation of non-security regulations.” At this occasion, his nine-year-old daughter Raghad sends him a message in this video published on Alfarhan's blog [3], which continues to be updated by his friends:

A recent report by Freefouad Blog [4] said Fouad was allowed, for the first time, on March 3rd, 2008, to make a phone call to his wife.

Fouad told her that he is in a good shape and his morale is high. He said he is hoping that authorities would soon allow others to visit him in jail. (…) Fouad would like to thank all those who supported him and his family during these tough times.

Under Saudi law, Fouad can be held for questioning without charges for six months.