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Yemen blocks Maktoob blogging platform

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Yemen blocks Maktoobblog

Maktoobblog.com [1], one of the most popular Arab blogging platform, has been recently blocked in Yemen [2] cutting off Yemeni Internet users from the more than 46960 [3] blogs the service hosts. According to MaktoobBlog, there are currently 1226 Yemeni blogs hosted by the service. All of them disappeared from the Yemeni Internet.

On the pan-Arabic Al Hayat newspaper [2], Mr. Yasser Al-Eimad, from the Public Telecommunication Corporation, has denied the information that Maktoobblog.com was blocked. But the OpenNet Initiative testing [4] has confirmed yesterday, through technical investigation, that the blog hosting service has been blocked by Yemennet [5] ISP, a service of the government's Public Telecommunication Corporation (PTC):

ONI technical investigation verified that the service has been blocked by Yemennet, Yemen’s government-run ISP. Access is blocked to the entire domain maktoobblog.com, effectively to every blog hosted by the service. Interestingly, users who attempt to access the site receive a network error message instead of the standard blockpage, which is served when users attempt to access sexual content.

This significant blocking is expected to hinder Internet users in Yemen from blogging and reading blogs because maktoobblog.com is home of one of the largest blogging communities in the Middle East and North Africa.