Indonesia blocks YouTube over “Fitna” the movie

Update (Fri Apr 11, 2008): Indonesia has lifted the ban on Internet service providers “would only block access to pages carrying the film by Geert Wilders” The vice chairman of the Indonesian Internet Providers Association said.

The Indonesian government has ordered the country’s internet service providers to block YouTube for publishing the 15-minute anti-Muslim film “Fitna”, made by Dutch MP Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-immigration Freedom Party (PVV). Some of the country's ISPs followed the block order, but “Fitna” could still be viewed through other providers.

“A letter was sent to Internet providers asking them to block any site or blog posting the film Fitna (…) Not only YouTube has uploaded the film, so it is up to the ISPs’ discretion to block these sites,” a Communications and Information Ministry Official is quoted as saying.

Earlier this week, Indonesia had threatened to block YouTube unless the video-sharing web site removed the aforementioned movie.


  • Bae Yong Jun

    All kinds of fundamentalist discourse – of any religion – only have one purpose – to attack, kill and spread hatred. Debates over which is right and which is wrong are exactly the kind of responses wanted by the producer of these discourses – like ‘Fitna’ or any other kind of propaganda on the name of religion. Don’t bother about them – they are no good at all to our life. Life is hard enough without additional hateful thoughts.

  • REPLY TO:“..we are taught by Holy Quran, to respect all religions and prophets of the history..”. Really ? Is this particular teaching overruled by the calls to kill ‘kafirs’ wherever you see them ?

    No, it has nothing to do with a bunch of cruel people using Islam for killing what so-called Kafirs.

    The blocking is a way for Indonesia to show people out there esp to those who made the movie that we’re angry (we, because I’m living in the country as well and moslem). If we didn’t make any significant action, it’d seem like we were fine at all being abused or offended like that. Do you think you’re never angry with people even though you know that’s useless?

  • Ismoyo

    Saya orang indonesia, dan anda-anda semua yang bukan pemeluk agama Islam adalah orang kafir bodoh terlaknat dan pasti nantinya akan langsung mendapat tempat yang luas dan panasnya luar biasa yaitu neraka. Karena apa karena anda adalah orang KAFIR.

    Tapi jangan khawatir untuk saat ini, karena Indonesia adalah negara yang beragama dan berkeTuhanan. Meskipun mayoritas penduduknya adalah Islam, masih sangat banyak yang tidak memeluk Islam (KAFIR) tetap hidup dengan tentram, damai, dan sentosa.

    Yang bodoh dengan mem-blok YouTube bukanlah satu Indonesia. Keputusan ini diambil dan dilaksanakan oleh Menteri kami yang bodoh dan M.Nuh. Dia adalah menteri yang sangat taat dengan Islam, akan tetapi dia lupa bahwa Indonesia bukanlah negara Islam, melainkan negara yang beragama! Dan dia melakukan itu semua untuk mencari muka di depan Presiden SBY, karena dia baru menjabat sebagai menteri belum sampai 1 tahun, dan berharap agar ketika pemilu 2009 nanti dia bisa tetap jadi menteri atau kalau bisa jadi wakil presiden.

    So yang bodoh bukanlah Indonesia, tetapi M.Nuh yang terlalu sok, dan merasa paling pintar.

  • dan

    for all of my friends, who mostly happen to be moslem, the issue is not about the movie. we are more concern to the overreacted decision dat our government had made. shameful it is. those site are what unite us in the 21st century. it keeps us updated to each other. no religion debates, no racial debates. we just share life, moments, jokes, sadness, spirits, news, knowledges, songs, networks….and it almost everything dat we need.

    *there are 1001 spectacular and easy ways to access those websites. how can government forgot dat indonesia has great hackers? now those hackers shared their ways to get into websites to the public. can u imagine there’ll be another thousands of hackers are born now….isn’t dat even scary?

  • Ismoyo

    Yeah I agree with you Dan. It just our new ministry Mohammad.Nuh that so idiot who like children with a gun in his hand. He shoot everything that he doesn’t like it. Wether is killing every of “rakyat kecil” that has running little bussiness ini Youtube, myface etc. He doesn’t care about it.
    He only care with his blind idealism. And we can assuming that M.Nuh is terrorist right? Everything that doesn’t look right in his wisdom and his idealism should be shoot to kill.
    A lot of Indonesia netters hate and angry with him because of what he done to them.Peace for all of you

  • j3000

    Hi All,

    1. It is true that most of the verses in Al-Quran as shown in Fitna?
    2. Some true , some might not….
    3. So all Muslim don’t upsad or get mad…
    4. Make as Seminar/workshop/talkshow by Muslim to counter or explain
    clearly/actually how Muslim or other people should understand
    the Fitna movie……..

    Why people are so easily to be upsad?
    Muslim should thanks for the Fitna movie (produser) …
    it give your the change to show/prove people how good is Muslim…

  • j3000

    Our Minister Info Tech… block the Youtube
    What a shame…. Youtube is also a place to learn (education)…

    If you Kid come home and say….that their friends told him…
    daddy have another new wife….. so what will you do?

    1. Block your KID mouth (with super tape)..
    2. Nicely explain to him… it is not true…asking question, etc??

    So do you think Muslim parent will do No.1?

    what a shame!

  • j3000

    thanks for Khalid…. nicely explain…

    question : The Muslim God / Mohammad write a good


    in a plain easy to understand, comprehend…language?

    j3000 – I love 2 read manual…

  • Saeed

    Hello friends,
    It is very wrong perception that there is absolute freedom of expression. I as an Indian , can not insult and abuse Mother India , and claim the immunity of freedom of expression.The derogatory and insulting film Fitna is not an unbiased criticism or review of Islamic teachings . It is part of false and malicious propaganda . All responsible media net-works must aviod it’s reproduction and releases in any form.Or they must be dealt in accordence with law . This is very necessary for social tranquility and peace.

  • duren

    “I am a muslim in Indonesia, and I have to say that I don’t care about the movie. I love my religion, but I also respect free speech. So give me back Youtube!” –> oh how i love you, love your religion but respect free speech! it’s human rights

    moslems or not moslems they have the same right to live!!!!

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