Indonesia blocks YouTube over “Fitna” the movie

Update (Fri Apr 11, 2008): Indonesia has lifted the ban on Internet service providers “would only block access to pages carrying the film by Geert Wilders” The vice chairman of the Indonesian Internet Providers Association said.

The Indonesian government has ordered the country’s internet service providers to block YouTube for publishing the 15-minute anti-Muslim film “Fitna”, made by Dutch MP Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-immigration Freedom Party (PVV). Some of the country's ISPs followed the block order, but “Fitna” could still be viewed through other providers.

“A letter was sent to Internet providers asking them to block any site or blog posting the film Fitna (…) Not only YouTube has uploaded the film, so it is up to the ISPs’ discretion to block these sites,” a Communications and Information Ministry Official is quoted as saying.

Earlier this week, Indonesia had threatened to block YouTube unless the video-sharing web site removed the aforementioned movie.


  • Kunto

    This movie is to warn people that Moslem’s is growing fast in Holland and Europe, then the result is people in Holland and Europe who are not moslem will not safe anymore. This movie says that moslem are killer who kill everyone except moslem it self.

    It is happen that moslem kill non-moslem in Irak and Afganistan. But… they do that in the term of WAR… I don’t say what they do is right, but what is right or wrong in a war is absolutely gray…

    In Indonesia (at Poso and Ambon) moslem were massed killed by Christian, but they can back in peace, basically all religion want peace.

    In Islam, we have basic principle.. “lakum dinukum wal yadiin” means Your Religion is For You and My Religion is For Me.

    Don’t miss understood about JIHAD, in Islam JIHAD is not always about war… Working hard to give best life for your family (wife and kids) is also called as JIHAD. But if others are attack Moslem, destroying Mosque, Burning the Al-Quran, Killing Children, like happened in Iraq… is it logic if Iraq people didn’t fight back? everyone will fight back if they are attacked.

    Then US will say that they attack Iraq because Moslem has attack WTC at 9/11… so US has rights to make a counter attack… Is it true that 9/11 is the beginning of all moslem – non moslem “war”? Osamah Bin Laden has been “terrorist” long time before 9/11. Why Osamah Bin Laden become a terrorist?

    It is need a deep and long historical analysis… :)

    Terrorist are just a group of idiots… if you don’t like terrorist then fight them… fight the terrorist, don’t fight moslem.

    So.. why don’t we just live in peace… don’t make any propaganda to spread hate to any religion or tribe. They are who love to make war are just a group of idiots… there are no different with terrorist it self, don’t care about them. Most people love to live in peace.

    So.. if Geert Wilders movie has heart moslems, what should Moslem’s do is FIGHT BACK… by making a movie about the truth of Islam, and Islam’s opinion about terrorist. NOT by blocking access to the movie.

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  • I haven’t watched the whole film yet, but already I believe some things can be said here. The first minutes of the film and all that’s being said here makes me believe the film is an insult not only to Islam, but to the intelligence of it’s audience. It’s an insult not because it criticizes a religion and a faith, or only because it’s appellative visualut tricks, but because its point seems to be based on the distortion and biasing of facts and fragments of the Quran.

    But banning it and promoting hate on those who made or watched the movie is wrong, too. It only confirms the biased image made by many westerners about the people of Islam. The image of Muslim as aggressive, bad tempered, radicals unable to talk reasonably — an image I surely don’t agree with, but must say many people believe in it.

    Free Speech, as Democracy, is not an easy thing. In Democracy everyone has the right to speak out its needs and ideas. Free Speech means everyone, no matter how wise or stupid, no matter how good or bad intentioned, will have the right to speak. That means you’ll have to stand and listen to a lot of bad, stupid, offensive and unfair things, and not freak out. You can’t shut up someone just because it says nonsense or makes hateful or stupid points. If you believe in free speech and the human right to talk, you must answer whatever bad points you come in contact with not with force, but with reason. And, may the Higher One permit us, answer with good reason that destroy the bad argument, but not the speaker(s).

    Fitna may be a bad, mean, movie. But it is our common right that it exists. If you don’t agree with it, as I don’t, answer to it, and answer loud and clear, and, most of all, answer reasonably. That will not only show to all around you that the movie was a bad one, but will prove that you’re as reasonable and wise as you can be. Nobody would be able to show you as a bad person when you show everyone you ARE NOT ONE. Use your freedom to earn yourself respect, and respect the freedom of everyone. It’s not easy, but it’s right.


  • Pt Eka

    Ok but most of you are missing the point here yah,
    The point is this pornography is illegal her in indonesia kan
    but we accept all religions kan, so we can access porn site but not those that go against religion? This is a debauchery to our rights as citizens of a multicultural world. Dont you see this is the same problem we had two years ago with the anti-porno law they tried to pass. What one religion call porno we hindus call religious clothing kabaya. The problem is where do you draw a line? Its not about the film its about allowing our goverment controll over our knowledge tonight i cant open google or do a search from yahoo for anything. How can we allow this today block youtube tmrw yahoo, google, abc, bbc. Sebenarana MTV itu tidak ikut caranya mulsim kan. Then should we get rid of that on the tv also radio. How about all the films we watch with muslim terrorists? Should we ban those too? Well it wont matter because the goverment will decide how about books encyclopedias schools this is the real point of censorship. If we give up our right to decide we give up our right to know for our selves. In reality we are a very poor country that most of the world doesnt even know we exsits I never even would have known about this film until all this noise about it. How can anybody tell someone in another country what they can do is right or wrong. Cock fighting eating dogs cats wearing koteka what if those countries said well unless you do what we want you too we will block everything we give you. Money internet connecition we connect from singapore which is backed by US how about satelite communications we dont have any how about cocacola. Are we a part of the world community or not. Do we really want to live like in Iran pakistan afgahnistan. I dont think we do I think we like alot of the things we have because of the western countries. We are a country of 50 years how do we want to be seen? A bunch of extreamists that are willing to cut off ties to the whole world because some guy in holland did something. We have terrorist here in indonesia what if the whole world looked at us like they do iraq, and iran and even cuba. ” OK you want to block us ok every site that has the word indonesia in it BLCOK” ‘Google’, Yahoo, MSN these companies could do that any ip address from indonesia ok BLOCK what we think were strong to block them what if they block us? If you want to protest a film dont watch it dont talk about and leave it be look at all the problems you made here the problem isnt the film its censorship based on religious grounds. Any muslim who thinks thats ok then fine lets do it lets block every site that has any porno including pictures of bali with kabya or koteka in papua (thats indonesia)lets ban all forgien media from tv all forigen magazine all sites that say anything bad against islam or have any negative refrence to islam BBC NBC FOX and we will live quitely here on our islands not moving forward while the rest of the world leaps ahead

  • Niels de Jong

    Dear Forum

    Hi im from holland, and this movie has sparked something here as well.

    it all started in 2003 right after the tsunami in indonesia. The horrors that came were felt by my people as well. after all, indonesia had been an dutch colony for centuries, and my aunt is indonesian as such.

    my family, and many of my friends and their families, started to collect money for the poor indonesians that were suffering because of the tsunami. in all
    my familie collected over 500 euros, which is over 700 american dollars calculated roughly. in all we dutch collected hundreds of millions of dollars for the
    people so that they could buy food and shelter as well as medication. IN FACT my people were the once who managed the distribution of clean water, even
    installing many fresh water pumps so that they would survive.

    In the end we dutch all assumed that although we are christian, the indonesians would see that we are not the imperialistic evil west which many call us,
    we believed they were thankfull for our kindness and would repay it in due time.

    That is why when i heard about the movie, i was confident that we could trust in the kind indonesian people, especially since geert wilders is only an individual and they would certainly not judge the entire dutch people on one person right?

    Man was i wrong…… from showing life treaths to geert wilder, to burning our national flag. a flag which was won during the 80 year war against the armada of spain in BLOOD. a flag under which we choose to treat the indonesian people with kindness. all that kindness was forgotten, we were nothing then pay-checks, pay-checks to be cashed and used and then not being considered human.
    of spain in BLOOD. a flag under which we choose to treat the indonesian people with kindness. all that kindness was forgotten, we were nothing then pay-
    checks, pay-checks to be cashed and used and then not being considered human.

    The funny thing is, is that in holland we have troubles with muslims for over 30 years, in the 60’s we let a lot of immigrants come here, just like we did
    to the chinese, we hoped they would adept and live with us in peace, but instead they refused to adept, took no interest in education but choose to life
    on well-fare fonds we gave to the poor. 60% of all wellfare funds are being used up by the only 8% muslims of holland. though 80% is still too much
    in my opinion seeing the troubles those immigrants from morrocco, turkey, and even indonesian are causing. and many turn extremistic as well.
    what geert wilder was trying to say with the movie, was that against these issues something has to be done, many politicians have turned a blind
    eye because not to long ago saying such things would be considered *le gasp* racism.

    now, he is a bit hard with his words, but he is only showing immages done by muslims, and seeing the issues in holland i can understand why he
    made it. of course my people KNOW not all muslims are like that, which is why we are even still very tollerant of them.

    but what i dont understand is that when he made that movie, all the muslim people did was not show they were nothing like that movie, but made
    death treaths against ALL of my people and boycotted our goods while i feel we should have done that as a responce, ESPECIALLY since we have paid
    Hundreds of millions of dollars to their people and thereby together with our fresh water installations saved many of their lives. and now i see them
    wanting to murder my people because of one person…..

    The sad part is is that those reactions only prove to many that geert wilders is right: i mean, if islam is a religion of peace, then why not defend it with
    fact and words instead of threats and violence?

    i have talked with my friends who collected the money for the tsunami with me and they reacted in disgust, saying litterly: that “the next time those
    filty bastards come crawling to us begging for money i’ll kick them in the buttom and teach them some manners first, because i have better ways
    of spending my money then on those Jihand bastards”. and not only him, but the rest of my friends and their families as well. at first we here in holland
    had this immage of the kind and beautiful indonesia, with which we have ties in the past and whose people were very welcome here. but now…
    many now have an image of indonesia filled with extremists and haters, who are and will always be ungratefull to kindness.

    im not saying i believe that, but even i feel content towards indonesia now. our own covernment should have boycotted back many say, because if you
    keep giving in to “extremist types like those” they will only become worse. And sadly i agree with that.

    i believe islam was based on an religion of peace but yet i dont see any reactions which prove that to me. i know that there were many cartoons made
    by muslims portraiting jewish and christians horrible, but when the muslims see one cartoon made by one chrisitan they screem “death to the infidels”
    lets insult them by burning their home flags. as if we were not insulted by those early cartoons of chrisitans and jewish, or by the ummayyad invasions
    in the 7th centure in which many europeans were murdered by the muslim ummayyad dynasty and spain was turned into a colony long before the
    crusades. then as a christian you are starting to feel contempt towards muslims.

    my advice: accept critisim like we did, and dont be so hypocrite. you are only proving the critics right.

    with kind regards,

    niels de jong

  • Doug S.

    Niels de Jong: You submitted a good post. How many of the Muslims that responded will consider that when they insult Christianity or the west in general they should accept, with out threats of violence, some innocuous cartoons or a film that only pictures Muslims doing what they seem to like to do best, threaten any one that may disagree with them?

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