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Photos: GV Advocacy Meeting in Budapest (June 26)

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A large number of activists have gathered in Budapest to discuss about threats to online free speech and finding out ways towards a global anti-censorship movement.

The morning session has started and in the opening remarks the co-founder of Global Voices Online Ethan Zuckerman thanked everybody who came to the summit. Sami Ben Gharbia, the Advocacy director of Global voices noted that some activists could not make the summit due to visa problems and other restrictions.

Some pictures from the summit as it progresses:

The Morning Session:


Rob Faris listening to Rebecca MacKinnon


Some of the panelists


Some of the participants


Nart Villenueve: Detecting internet filtering


More participants


Roger Dingledine: Discussing TOR

Chris Walker: Between TOR & Psiphon

Afternoon Session:


Robert Guerra discussing the user perspective


Participants get interactive


Xiao Qiang on how to empower citizens’ voices


Paul Maassen questioning “is there a need for a fund for cyber activism?”


Participants placed their views


Brainstorming session

Please keep tuned in the summit website [14] and this site for more updates.