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Guide: A DigiActive Introduction to Facebook Activism

Categories: Activism

DigiActive is very proud to announce its first guide: A DigiActive Introduction to Facebook Activism. The guide is meant for activists who are interested in bringing digital technology to help develop excitement for a budding (or mature) movement.

The guide provides an overview some best practices with Facebook activism along with information about what and what not to expect. The end of the piece provides a closer look into three successful Facebook-driven campaigns from Egypt, Burma, and Morocco.

A DigiActive Introduction to Facebook Activism is available for Download here [1].

Content is split into four sections:

DigiActive is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping grassroots activists around the world use the Internet and mobile phones to increase their impact. Its goal is a world of activists made more powerful and more effective through the use of digital technology. DigiActive pursues this goal in several spheres of action, including a blog of digital activism best practices around the world, an interactive map which serves as a visual database of digital activism, a research program, and Open Trainings, a new open source repository of digital activism training modules. Learn more and get involved at www.DigiActive.org [2].

For further information please contact the author, Dan Schultz [3], at dschultz [ at ] Andrew [dot] cmu [ dot ] edu