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China: More foreigners protest, aided by 2.0 tools

Categories: China, Activism, Hu Jia

One (possibly) last protest post before we get back on topic [1] around here; first is the pseudo-guerrilla Exodus 8:1 [2] mission of Christian activist Eddie ‘iamgadfly’ Romero [3] for human rights in China which has seem him paint murals on the walls of at least 2 rooms in upscale Beijing hotels and then go into hiding. He is still tweeting [4], however, and uploading videos to YouTube [5].

And today, a protest held by a group of American Free Tibet activists has been streamed live on Qik.com by intrepid citizen reporter [6] @noneck [7]; further footage is being uploaded [8] as this is being posted:

Most recent tweet from @noneck [9] (aka Noel Hidalgo) came less than an hour ago; the video he mentions appears to be this clip [10]:
I'm qik'n an awesome video of a protest i saw in t sq. The frosting came from a cbc camera man who got his passport stolen by police

Lhadon Tethong from Students for a Free Tibet did something similar this time last year when she also went ‘underground’, hiding from Chinese authorities as she continued to livevlog her quest [11] to get IOC president Jacques Rogge's attention [12].