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Advocacy 2.0 Guide: Tools for Digital Advocacy

Categories: Activism, Advocacy

The Advocacy 2.0 Guide (Tools for Digital Advocacy) describes some of the best techniques and tools that digital activists – and others who wish to learn from this subject – can use as part of their online advocacy campaigns. While our previous guide (Blog for a Cause! [1]) focused on the effective use of blogs as an advocacy tool, this guide will explore creative uses of other web 2.0 applications.

Our goal is to:

From “Geo-bombing [3]” to “multi-blogging” and Twitter to “mash-ups”, we explore the field of digital advocacy, helping activists reach out to audiences they may never have reached before.

We are releasing the first from a serie of Advocacy 2.0 Guides that will show you how to use the web 2.0 as an advocacy tool:

Geo-bombing: YouTube + Google Earth [3]

GeobombingGeo-bombing is one of the techniques that can be employed to enable more effective dissemination of your YouTube videos campaign through Google mapping applications like Google Maps [4] and Google Earth [5]. Now [6] you can watch your geotagged videos inside Google Earth and Google Maps. Any geo-tagged YouTube video will show up when the Youtube layer of Google Earth/Maps is turned on [read more… [7]]