Malaysia: Outrage at racist blogger

Blogger “Sammy”, reported to be a 22 year old employee in a Kuala Lumpur advertising firm, was reported to have posted anti-Indian sentiments on her blog, Life is a Drama. The blogger posted her comments after she claimed her mobile phone was stolen by two alleged Indian youths when she was having lunch on Sept 23.

Blogger Sammy

The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) has since called on the police to take action against the blogger for her racist comments. Hindraf’s Penang coordinator, MN Anbalgan, and information chief, S Vadi Velan, lodged a police report in Butterworth against the blogger’s posting. Anbalgan was reported to have said:

Sammy’s racist remarks were totally uncalled, unacceptable and unbecoming of a true Malaysian… Her posting insults Indians, embarrass her own community and reflects badly on the polarisation of Malaysian society.

Blogger Sammy has since removed her racist postings, and wrote what appears to be an apology on her blog:

Yes yes i am racist, but not all times. It doesn't help the fact that most of the phone snatchers i heard are Indians. Or Malay or Indons…

… Sorry if I offended any Indians. You should know that if you're one of the good, educated ones then you shouldn't be disturbed by what I say.

Malaysiakini, Malaysia's leading online news portal, managed to get a copy of her original posting, which was reported to have included comments like:

I hate Indians. It’s bad enough they are famous for being drunk and rude (most of them anyway). Now they carry the reputation of being stealer, robbers, rapist, idiots, morons, drunkard bastards and list goes on…

I am not trying to be racist but it always Indian. It’s Indian fault. I don’t care if I am sued for racism.

Published reports of racism and comments sensitive to religion have made headlines this year, with consequences differing from situation to situation. Politician Datuk Ahmad Ismail was reported to have made racist remarks during the lead-up of the recent by-elections. He was suspended from his political party for three years, while the reporter who had reported his remarks, Tan Hoon Cheng, was detained without trial under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for 18 hours. The newspaper for which Tan reported, Sin Chew Daily, was given a show cause letter. On the other hand, Raja Petra Kamarudding (RPK), is said to be in detention under the (ISA) because his writings ‘ridiculed Islam’.

While some of these – like Sammy who herself admits she's a racist at times -are genuine cases of racism, others have been used by the authority to curb dissenting voices. The concern on racial polarisation and anger on incidences of racism has caused the government to moot a Race Relations Act.

Butterworth police was reported to have said that the case would be investigated with the Bukit Aman national headquarters, since the alleged posting was made in the capital. It is unclear what charges will be filed against Sammy, if any, although her remarks appear to have a seditious tendency under Malaysian law.

[Post script: since this original posting, Sammy has unconditionally apologised on her blog. Hindraf was reported to have accepted her apology. There is no word on whether any investigations will continue].


  • TheReturnOfBotakChin

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    Selepas beberapa hari kemudian arr saya punya amak datang balai menangis lor dia jelit Ah meng aaahhh…!!!! Ah meng ahhh…!!!! Lipas saya punya anak!!!! dia jelit manyak kuat tau kah? tapi talak sampai 5 minit arr itu polis semua sudah pengsan liao…Saya pun kujut lor apa pasal itu polis pengsan? Haiyaaaaa…! rupa rupanya sama punya amak talak gosok gigi sama mandi dia punya puki pun talak cuci liao…Sejak hali itu arr kita olang cina pagi2 talak mandi…Selepas keluar lokap saya pun kumpul duit…. lepas kumpul duit saya beli senapang lor,lepas itu saya tembak olang mati lor, sikarang arrr cina manyak kaya apa macam tau kah? semua culi lor …Dulu kami cina arr pakai Nan Yang siang Pao cuci pungguk, sikarang arr kami pakai skootex lor, cuci lagi sinang lu busuk pun orang tarak nampak maaa…

  • Jamal

    Bunuh cinala lagi senang! Kaum pendatang babi!!!

  • Tiger

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  • Daniel Chandranayagam

    Just a note from the author:

    Please keep in mind that if you write racist things ‘in retaliation’ against what Sammy said, you are no better than her. And if you are not brave enough to use your real name, you are even worse than she is. Goes to show the horrible state of racism in Malaysia.

  • HaramotoFromOsaka

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  • Rida

    Wei…what is that all? We are all “pendatang” what? Malay is early pendatang then Chinese and Indian. This land should belong to Orang Asli (native) that we all discriminate and look indifferent at. I am happy to see if any of them comes out with one party maybe called United Native Party (UNP). But why they do not have any party that representing them. I think because they are the most sincere people who walk on this land so they do not need politics. Politics are for people with agenda, who feels their right are discriminated (even though it is not so) and for people who likes to politics against other people. Politics people like to talk a lot rather than taking action or work the talk, politics people like to scream around and yelling.

    Funny how we put ourselves and come out with racist statement without thinking are rightfull enough to mark out such statement. Stupid I think. Please la…stop posting racist statement anyway. We are not rightful owner of this land, whether you are Malay, Indian or Chinese. Give this land and right back to the native. Educate them so that they can rule and manage this land. No race is supreme than the other, ok. We are all puny and one standard under the eyes of GOD. Nobody is supreme.

  • Bubble

    Hello, just thought I’d add my point of view. I’m a white European (British in fact) and I lived in Paloh, Johor last year with my boyfriend who is French. I must say that I found the Indian Malaysian community to be very friendly and welcoming.The Chinese Malaysians, were wlso quite friendly, however they did appear to view themselves as ‘superior’. The Malays however, I found to be generally unwelcoming and unfriendly. As a white woman, I was treated like a second class citizen. Our impression of Malaysia was quite poor overall.

  • My experience of living in Asia for 10 years is that
    the majority of Chinese I have come across are
    closed minded to the point of extreme ignorance
    and extremely racist. They seem to believe they are
    the chosen race, much like Hitler’s Arian nation
    school of thought. Very sad. They take advantage of
    anyone they can, including eachother, and resent
    giving anything in return but hate it if anyone
    else tries to do this to them – they don’t know
    how to behave fairly, or how to live without their
    mafia-style networks. In Thailand, where I have
    lived for 5 years now, they are so rude to anyone
    white because there’s so much US and European cash
    and business, and resent anyone else trying to cut
    in on the free for all they got used to for so many
    years. It’s sad that Thais still consider them
    Thai as they look down on ‘pure’ Thais the same as
    they do Indians and Malays in Malaysia and are
    happy to use and abuse them to maintain their wealth and position. I’d like to see more people
    expose their disgusting behaviour and show them for
    what they are.

  • R.B.

    Now who’s racist here? Lookin’ thru all the comments here… You commentators are no better than the girl herself. Do you need a mirror to take a good look at yourself before you bash at someone else?

    Everyone is born a racist (except the saint ones). It’s just a matter of the depth/level of racism that you’ve fallen into.

    Please, ppl. Grow up! Bashing and calling others names and insults won’t bring glory to your own race.ttstupid thing because of one person’s ded

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