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Syria blocks personal blog of Human rights activist

Categories: Syria, Advocacy

Syrian authorities have blocked access [1]to the personal blog of the 26-year-old Syrian Human rights activist and blogger Mohammad Al-Abdallah [2] who is blogging at Raye7wmishRaj3 [3] (I’m Leaving and I’m Not Coming Back). Syrian Netizens can access the blocked blog via HTTPS [4] or simply by visiting the mirror blog at http://rwmr.wordpress.com/ [5].


Screenshot of the blocked Raye7wmishRaj3 [3] blog in Syria (Source: Raye7wmishRaj3 [1])

Al-Abdallah had twice been arrested for reporting on Syria's human rights situation and for campaigning to free his jailed Father Ali Al-Abdallah [6] – member of Damascus Declaration – by constituting the Committee for Families of Political Prisoners in Syria. Mohammad Abdallah and his father Ali were released from prison on 4 October 2006 after completing a six-month prison sentence [7] for “criticizing the state of emergency laws”.


Photo of blogger Mohammad Al-Abdallah and his father at the Adra prison, Damascus (Source: Raye7wmishRaj3 [8].)

On March 18th, 2006 Mohammad Al-Abdallah's brother, Omar, was arrested by Air Force Intelligence officers for reporting information online on the collective blog Syrian Domari [9] and sentenced [10] to five years in prison by the Syrian authorities. Air Force Intelligence officers have learned the password of Syrian Domari [9] weblog and deleted it completely.