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“Matroudine”, website of Tunisian students on Hunger Strike censored

Categories: Tunisia, Advocacy

Tunisian authorities have blocked access to the Matroudine [1] website dedicated to provide information and support for the five students and activists from the Tunisian General Student Union [2] (UGET) who went on hunger strike [3] to protest their arbitrary exclusion from Tunisian universities and deprivation of their right to education because of their activism within the UGET.


Screenshot of the Tunisian infamous 404 blockpage

The five young UGET unionists, namely Ali bouzouzeya, Taoufik Louati, Aymen Jaabiri, Mohamed Boualleg, and Mohamed Soudani, have been on hunger strike since February 11th, 2009. After more than 48 days of hunger strike their health condition has greatly worsened. However, Tunisian authorities continue not to react [3].