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Egypt: An Appeal For The Imprisonment Of A Blogger

Categories: Advocacy, Legal Threats, Egypt

An appeal for the sentence on the Egyptian blogger Ahmad Saad Abou Doma [1] was presented yesterday. Lawyers from Hisham Mubarak center for Legal Aid requested the cancellation of a sentence of one year in prison and asked for a new trial to Doma, as he was trialed in a military court.

Doma who runs a blog called Sha’er Ikhwan [2] (Ikwani Poet), was arrested on 10th February, on his return from the Gaza Strip through the Rafah Border Crossing. The Egyptian authorities accused him of infiltrating across the eastern border illegally

The detained blogger was mentally and physically abused in Al-Khalifa police station, while being transferred to prison. He was beaten up by sticks and his body was standing in a harmful posture for long hours.