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Egypt: A New Detention Order for a Blogger Arrested Since 2007

Categories: Egypt, Advocacy, Legal Threats

ranad-mosad.jpeg In an unexplained action, Egyptian Ministry of Interior issued a new detention order for blogger and activist, Mos'ad Abu Fagr [1]. The detained [2] blogger was transferred again to Borg El Arab prison in Alexandria instead of north Sinai prison. This transfer imposes hardship on Abu Fagr's family to visit him, as they are based is the Sinai.
Abu Fagr was arrested [2] on 26 December 2007, but the court and D.A issued eight order of release [2] to him, even though he was kept behind bars.

The Sinai activist and novelist Fagr has a blog called Wedna Ne3eesh [3] (We Want to Live) where he writes about the demands of Bedouins of Sinai [4], expressing their life and seeking they citizenship rights.