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MENA: Introducing, “The Circumventer”

Categories: Egypt, Yemen, Middle East & North Africa, Activism

Alexandra Sandels, from MENASSAT, writes [1] her interview with Walid Al-Saqaf, a Sweden-based Yemeni Internet expert, regarding the launch of his new program Al-Kasir (means the circumventer in Arabic) – during a summit on blogging in Cairo which was entitled “Blogging for the Future [2]“.
Al-Kasir, which is currently available in its Beta test version [3], is a new software aiming to circumvent web censorship in the Middle East and beyond, where it allows Internet users to access blocked websites.
You can also read Esra'a's post on Mideast Youth [4] on why Al-Kasir is different from other similar tools, and how it’s beneficial to users in the Middle East.