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China: Google.cn buys Green Dam service?

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Blogger dancing with G, quoted from a Google.cn source, reported that the company had spent a big sum of money to buy the Green Dam service for bettering the detection of obscene content. According to the blogger, google.cn's move is to make peace with the Chinese authority.

Moreover, Google.cn has also removed some of its search functions, including searching for overseas content and searching with associated terms. Below are two screen captures that show the differences between the past and the pressent google.cn search interface. (via google.org.cn)



Eventhough netizens keep defending google.cn's search function against CCTV's propaganda campaign, more and more portal sites and news sites published commentaries and stories criticizing google.cn for “poisoning” youths with obscene content. For example, China Youth Daily Online quoted extensively from CCTV focus interview's finding and citicized google.cn for being irresponsible to the society.