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Liberia government sites are off, and nobody cares

Categories: Advocacy

On the night of August 24th. S.W.A.T [1] hackers (probably Iranian team) penetrated 19 governmental web sites including almost all ministries. Most of the sites were down for maintenance for almost three days.

Almost all government sites in Liberia fell for days. But when gargbage covers the streets of the capital Monrovia, who cares of the Internet ?

It's hard to think of a country online that can completely ignore the collapse of its government Web sites, for hours and days.

But, this case demonstrates the depth of the digital divide between countries in Africa and the rest of the world. It turns out that there are still places in the world, where a general collapse of the government web sites, is like falling from a tree in an empty forest.

Read the interview [2] with me on Haaretz daily from August 27th. 2009 (In Hebrew)