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Anonymous Blogging guide now available in Arabic

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Activism, Advocacy

Download PDF [1]


The Anonymous Blogging with WordPress and Tor [2] guide is now available in Arabic [1] thanks to this translation by Yazan Badran [3] and Mohammad Al abdallah [4].

The guide [5] outlines several methods of protecting one’s identity in order to avoid retaliation and can considerably reduce the risks that a blogger’s identity will be linked to his or her online writings through technical means.

التدوين باسم مجهول مع ووردبرس و تور [1]” is availble for download as a PDF [1] file. You may need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader [6] to view it. If you experience difficulties viewing PDF format online, try this linkable and blogging-friendly HTML version [5].

Please download [1] the guide and help disseminate this important information. Feel free as well to help us translating the guide into your own language.

For further information please contact us at: advocacy [ at ] globalvoicesonline [ dot ] org