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Once again, Syria bans Facebook

Categories: Syria, Activism, Advocacy

Editor's Note: Facebook has been blocked in Syria consistently for the past two years; therefore, the statement that a ban will be “reintroduced” is incorrect. The linked article from¬† ‘Al Quds Al Arabi’,” which has since been removed, did not actually claim that Syria planned to reintroduce a ban.¬† The information regarding Syrian users’ protests, however, is correct (most Syrian Facebook users access the network using a proxy).

According to Al Quds Al Arabi [1] newspaper, Syria is planning to reintroduce the ban on Facebook [2] after a first ban of the social networking website in November 2007 [3]. This came after Facebook allowed residents of the Golan Heights [4] to mark their country of abode as Israel. Until recently Golan Facebook users were compelled to enter Syria as their country of residence on their page. This change came after a campaign organized by HonestReporting [5], an organization dedicated to defending Israel, who launched the Facebook group “Facebook, Golan Residents Live in Israel, not Syria [6]“.


Image Source: honestreporting.com [5]

On the other hand, Syrian activists are also planning to launch a campaign to boycott [7] the website after it's recognition of Israel's claim over Golan heights.

Image Source: jawlan.org [7]