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Egypt: Security beats Blogger badly

Categories: Egypt, Activism, Advocacy, Harassment

demagh-img.jpgToday, Friday 16th October, the Egyptian blogger Demagh Mak [1] and his brother had been stopped for “ID check” in Tanta (Egyptian Province) by a police officer named Mohamed El-Dahrawy.

For no reason, the police agent beat blogger Mak on his back, while asking for IDs. Andd when Mak asked him to treat them respectfully; the officer and around eight soldires and informers started beating Mak and his brother badly.

Mak and his brother were taken to the polcie station, and both of them were released as soon as they reached the station. And there is not clear reason for why all this happened.

Before preventing Mak and his brother from using their cell phones, Mak managed to sent a message [2] (tweet) on the social website Twitter [2] and notify people of the arrest.


On the other hand, Egyptian blogger Hossam El-Hamalawy [3] was able to join Mak on the phone to follow up on what's happening [4] and post it on twitter.
Hossam tweet [5]