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Anonymous Blogging with WordPress and Tor guide in Persian

Categories: Iran, Activism, Advocacy


The Anonymous Blogging with WordPress and Tor guide is now available in Persian [1] thanks to this translation by an Iranian blogger and friend who wants to remain anonymous.

The guide outlines several methods of protecting one’s identity in order to avoid retaliation and can considerably reduce the risks that a blogger’s identity will be linked to his or her online writings through technical means.

به کمک تُر و وردپرس، ناشناس وبلاگ بنویسید [2] is availble for download as a PDF file [1]. You may need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader [3] to view it. If you experience difficulties viewing PDF format online, try this linkable and blogging-friendly HTML [2] version.

Please download the guide [2] and help disseminate this important information. Feel free as well to help us translating the guide into your own language.

The guide is also available in the following languages:

English [4]
French [5]
Portuguese [6]
Arabic [7]
Chinese [8]
Italian [9]

For further information please contact us at: advocacy [ at ] globalvoicesonline [ dot ] org