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Egypt: E-mail Monitor officially recognized

Categories: Egypt, Middle East & North Africa

While the local and international media are getting more concerned about the Egyptian government's policy in restricting convoys to Gaza Strip, there isn't much information concerning the active monitoring of convoy members by the Egyptian government. Recently Foreign Affairs official revealed that e-mail communication among convoy members are monitored.

In a recent phone interview aired on Orbit TV named Al-Qahera Al-Youm [Cairo Today], Ambassador Hossam Zaki, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, when explaining Egypt's role in middle east region and its policy towards Gaza-bound convoy, said: “stuffs are monitored in emails between them (convoy members)” in order to gather information regarding the convoy members’ plan:

Although, the TV episode wasn’t about online censorship, it’s important to highlight Zaki’s quote as he is an official spokesperson of the Egyptian government. It confirms that the government is actively monitoring and censoring online communication among netizens.