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New laws for cyber activists

Categories: Iran, Middle East & North Africa, Activism, Law

Reports from Iran show that, conditions for cyber activists became much more difficult and dangerous.

Recently, Iran’s prosecutor published a list about internet crimes [1]. One of the prominent laws in this list claimed that distribution of links to circumvention tools or softwares is prohibited. It is also against the law to teach people how to by-pass filtering. Moreover, a person who share links form blocked sites is guilty.

Newly, Iranian police also published a statement [2] which claimed that internet will be monitored by police and people who are politically activate on internet will be questioned by police.

(thumbnail photos from bbc)

After Ashura's Day [3] in Iran, Khoramabadi from Iran’s prosecutor accused that [4] some websites for assembling images of military maneuvers and exercises that are destructive to the Islamic image of the country. The accusation is to justify the blocking of a number of news websites.