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Iran's Intelligence Ministry listed 60 organizations as ‘soft war’ agents

Categories: Iran, Advocacy

iran-cartoon-cartoon_wSySo_20104Recently, a list of 60 organizations [1] was published by Iranian ministry of intelligence [2] with the accusation that they are active in the soft war against Islamic regime in Iran.  Any collaboration with these organizations and media outlets with ties to these organizations will be regarded as a crime and banned.

According to Iranian Ministry of Intelligence collaboration with media such as Radio Zamaneh [3], Radio Farda [4], Radio Israel [5], BBC [6] and Voice of America [7] is considered criminal.

The list also contains the names of Berkman Center [8], Ford Foundation [9], Soros Foundation [10]and Hivos [11] that are supporting Global Voices Online [12] and Global Voices Advocacy [13] projects. However, both project’s sites were filtered in Iran before.

This action from Iranian government has widespread reflections around the globe. Too many analysis [14] and critics [15] were published on magazines, newspapers, and media. Once again it became clear that, how Islamic government tries to stop human rights activities in Iran. It can be clearly seen that the government became shaky as a result of freedom of speech and democracy.

As reports are shown from Iran, the amount of pressure on human rights activists, journals, cyber activists and media increased sharply. Alongside that, the government made a frightful atmosphere for students [16], universities’ [17] professors and intellectual [18] class of society.