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Blog for a Cause! is now available in Macedonian.

Categories: Activism, Advocacy

blogiraj_za_kauza.jpg [1]

Blog for a Cause! [2], the Global Voices Guide of Blog Advocacy [3], is now available in Macedonian [1] thanks to this translation [4] by Elena Ignatova [5] from Global Voices in Macedonian [6].

Blog for a Cause! has already been translated into Spanish [7], French [8], Chinese [9] and Arabic [10].

The guide outlines easy-to-follow tips on how to use blogs as part of campaigns against injustice and features successful examples of advocacy blogs from around the world. It is divided into five sections:

  1. Frequently asked questions about what blog advocacy is
  2. The 5 key elements of any successful advocacy blog
  3. The 4 steps to creating an advocacy blog
  4. How to make your blog a vibrant community of active volunteers
  5. Tips to help blog activists stay safe online.

Блогирај за кауза! [1] is availble for download as a PDF file [1]. You may need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader [11] to view it.

Please download Блогирај за кауза! [1] and help us translating the guide in your language.

For further information please contact Mary at MaryCJoyce [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com or Global Voices Advocacy Coordinator Sami Ben Gharbia at advocacy [ at ] globalvoicesonline [ dot ] org