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China: Conversation among webcensors

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A screen capture of a webcensor's QQ group conversation has been circulated via Twitter. It helps the outside world to understand the micro operation of online censorship in China.


Webcensor – xiao dong (1111937) 13:49:33

Hi everybody, check if your website contains information calling for support on Google. Let me know if you spot out any.

Tiny V (45820192) 13:49:52

Should we delete them right away?

Webcensor – xiao dong (1111937) 13:50:01


Tiny V (45820192) 13:50:12


Webcensor – xiao dong (1111937) 13:52:13

Any news from www.zol.com.cn?

kaixin001.com (972297252) 13:54:24

Nothing found in kaixin001.com

Webcensor – xiao dong (1111937) 13:56:10

Kaixin, your website has many google groups, can you monitor their conversation?

kaixin001.com (972297252) 13:56:40

O, okay

kaixin001.com (972297252) 13:56:46

Let us read into the groups….

TW Xu feng 14:02:40

Assign a special person to monitor articles concerning Google.

Webcensor (4982888) 14:10:31

Today we spot out from overseas websites that people are getting organized to visit Google. Please check if there are similar organization and action in your websites. Report back once you see the information.