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Egypt: Activist arrested for running a Facebook group – Released

Categories: Egypt, Middle East & North Africa, Activism, Advocacy, Legal Threats


Dr. Ashraf Magdy was released at 3:00 pm GMT with nothing charged against him, he returned his home safely.


Dr. Ashraf Wagdy [1], an Egyptian leftist activist, was arrested yesterday [2] at 7 pm GMT. He runs a Facebook group [3] for promoting Mohamed ElBaradie [4] for running for Presidency.

He is on an open hunger strike as a pressure for his release, since the Egyptian police abusively postponed his appearing in front of the public prosecution [5], holding him without a charge.

Another Facebook group [3] is created calling for his release. Dr. Ashraf Wagdy is an ex-psychiatrist, and the head of Books&Beans [6] library, a major cultural center in Mansoura [7] city, 120 Km north east of Cairo [8].