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Tunisia: WAT.TV, the 3rd video-sharing website to be blocked!

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Few days ago, the Tunisian regime has blocked access to WAT.TV [1], a social networking and media-sharing website, which is believed to be the 3rd video broadcaster on the Internet in France [2].

This is also the third video-sharing website to be blocked in The country. First they blocked Dailymotion [3] on September 3rd, 2007, then it was the turn of Youtube [4] to be banned from the country Internet on November 2nd, 2007.

But while Youtube and Dailymotion have been banned because of videos that mock President Ben Ali [5] and expose the country's human rights abuses [6], WAT.TV seems to be blocked because of the broadcasting of the activities [7] of the opposition Ettajdid [8] Movement (legal, former communist party). Indeed, the Ettajdid Movement has embraced the Internet during and after the 2009 presidential and legislative elections, [9] whose leader, Ahmed Brahim [10], ran for Tunisia's presidency (won 1.57%, according to the Interior ministry). Ahmed Brahim's channel [11] on WAT.TV has dozens of videos by his campaign and by supporters.

wat-TV-tuisia.jpg [11]