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Chronology of Major events surrounding censorship, hacking, DDOS and online Free Speech

Categories: Advocacy

Given the increasing importance of events surrounding Internet repression, especially after the Iran protest and the Google Vs China debacle, I was trying to collect this data over a period of time then display it on a timeline with useful links and videos (where available).

Like the Threatened Voices Timeline and Map [1], the purpose of this small project is obviously to identify trends in digital repression over time and highlight other issues often overlooked by mainstream media.

The collected data used in this Dipity timeline [2] is based on this Google Spreadsheet [3] which I made available for any use desired.
Anyone can view and edit it without signing in. This information can be exported as an .xls file or other file types, and can be used to create timeline, maps and any other kind of data visualization. It also serves as a collaborative tool for tracking these kind of major events.

So please, help us collect this important information and keep this timeline updated. Just go to this Google Spreadsheet [3] and add the missing events.