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Egypt: Blogger Released After More Than two Years in Detention

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Mos'ad Abu Fagr daughter [1]

Mos'ad Abu Fagr daughter

After about three years of detention [2], the Egyptian blogger Mus'ad Abu Fagr [3] was finally released on Tuesday, June 13th, 2010. Though more than eight release orders [3] were issued to him since his arrest on 26 December 2007, the Ministry of Interior used to renew each time his detention. The decision to set Abu Fagr free came as part of an effort to reduce growing tensions between Egyptian Security Services and Sinai [4] Bedouins. Abu Fagr himself was among 68 other Bedouins released from jail. 

The Sinai activist and novelist Fagr is blogging at Wedna Ne3eesh [5] (We Want to Live) where he writes about the demands of Sinai Bedouins, expressing their life and seeking equal rights of citizenship.

The released blogger wasn't yet back to his blogging activities. Al-Masry Al-Youm Newspaper managed to talk to him on the phone [6], where he expressed happiness over his freedom,saying that his own brother still in prison. The Hisham Mubarak Center for Law (HMCL) quoted [7] Abu Fagr on his release, saying:

سجين الرأي”مسعد أبو فجر”اليوم بعد الإفراج عنه” سنحتفل جميعاً فى اليوم الذى يخرج فيه جميع المعتقلين، وأننى أشكر جميع من تضامن معي ومع قضيتي وأطالبهم بتقديم الدعم لقضية المعتقلين

Prisoner of conscience Abu Fagr said after his release: we will all celebrate the day when all detainees are released, I thank everyone who supported me and my cause, and I ask you to stay in solidarity with the others, who still in jail

The current release of Abu Fagr could not be a sign of more bloggers to be free, as it came in the context of his activism as a Bedouin!