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USA: Wikileaks representative detained

Categories: USA, Activism, Advocacy, Legal Threats
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Jacob Appelbaum – Wikipedia

Jacob Appelbaum [2], a representative of Wikileaks [3], has been detained for 3 hours by US agents [4] at the borders after returning from Holland trip. Appelbaum's bag was searched, receipts from his bag were photocopied, his laptop was inspected. Appelbaum reportedly refused to answer questions without a lawyer present, and was not allowed to make a phone call. His three mobile phones were reportedly taken and not returned. On July 31, he spoke at a DEF CON [5] conference and mentioned his phone being “seized”. After speaking, he was approached by two FBI agents and questioned. Recently Wikileaks published more than 90,000 leaked classified U.S. military documents [6], while in the same time the White House condemned this action as irresponsible [7] and a harm to national security [8]. These documents reportedly reveal hidden details of the Afghanistan war [9].