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Bahrain: Ali Abdulemam, blogger and Global Voices contributor arrested

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Ali AbdulEmam

Ali AbdulEmam

Ali Abdulemam, a leading Bahraini blogger [1] and Global Voices Advocacy author [2], was arrested earlier today by the Bahraini authorities for allegedly spreading [3] “false news” on BahrainOnline.org [4] portal, one of the most popular pro-democracy outlets in Bahrain, amidst the worst [5] sectarian crackdown by the government in years [6], and accusations of a supposed “terror network” [7] involving several political and human rights activists [8]. The BahrainOnline portal is censored in Bahrain. He sent an email earlier today mentioning that he got a call from the Bahraini national security just before his arrest, then arrested him and alleged that he was trying to flee. [9]

Ali [10]

Reportedly the Bahrain [11]i government has a long track record of using torture against dissidents http://bit.ly/9kZyJQ [12] and their TV has been broadcasting hateful sectarian messages to justify its crackdown [13]

Ali was arrested before also for content published on his portal [14], and he contributes occasionally to Global Voices Advocacy [2] and Global Voices Arabic Lingua [15].

Update #1:

An online campaign calling for his freedom is now active [16].

Update #2:

BahrainOnline.org [17] is turned down.