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Syria: Tal al-Molouhi, a 19-year-old female blogger in jail for almost a year

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Tal al-Molouhi [1]

Tal al-Molouhi

Tal al-Molouhi, a Syrian [2] blogger [3], was arrested by Syrian state security agents for posting poems about Palestine [4] on her blog.
Tal, who is 19 years old secondary school student, was arrested on the 27th of December 2009 by the Syrian state [5] security agents, they had her computer confiscated [6]. Till now she is detained with no charges and no trial, whereabouts unknown, that her mother has [7] appealed [8] the Syrian president for her release.

A video was made by Syrian activists calling for her freedom:

Another Youtube [9] video wishing her a Happy Eid [10] wherever she is.

Several Egyptian activists and bloggers [11] have agreed to organize a protest in front of the Syrian Embassy in Egypt. [12]

Activists around the Arabic blogosphere are calling for support by signing this petition [13], sending emails to the to the Syrian Ambassador in Washington Imad Moustapha [14], and also a campaign blog entitled Free Tal [15] is now active calling for her freedom along with a Facebook group. [16]