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Thailand now blocking 277,610 websites

Categories: Thailand, Law, Regulation

Conservative, Royalist Manager media network published the first government announcement of further Internet censorship since July.

Buried in Manager’s propaganda, we learn that the new Army commander has signed a memorandum of understanding with the ICT minister and the ministers of justice and culture. The MOU specifies 43,000 new websites to be blocked immediately and 3,000 pending for lèse majesté content.

Thai government's official media releases since the Emergency Decree April 7 already totalled 210,110 blocked websites.

Websites blocked prior to Emergency Decree April 7: 65,000

  • Thai Rath, April 15: 190 websites, and a further 500 per day, to October 29: 99,500
  • Prachatai, May 9: 50,000 websites
  • Thai ISP blocking: 15,000 websites
  • CRES, May 14: 770 websites
  • CRES: May 21: 1,150 websites
  • MICT, June 17: 43,000, plus 3,000 planned
  • Thai government has no plan to lift the state of emergency but they seem to be blocking as fast as they can in case the situation reverts to ‘normal’ and they must once again seek court orders for blocking under the Computer Crimes Act 2007.

    Relying solely upon govt media releases to date, Thailand is now blocking 277,610 websites.