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China: Activist sentenced to 1 year labour re-education for political satire

Categories: China, Legal Threats

According to Chinese Human Rights Defenders’ tweet human rights activist Wang Yi, real name Cheng Jianping 程建萍, was sentenced to one year labour re-education for forwarding a political satire post about the anti-Japanese Protest in Twitter.

[1]Before the labour re-education determination came out, Wang Yi was detained in a hostel at XinXiang City, Henan Province. She was escorted to the police station on 15 of November by 6-7 police and forced to sign up the one year labour re-education determination issued by the XinXiang city Labour Re-education Committee. The determination stated that she had “disturbed the public order”. Wang Yi refused to sign the paper.

On 17 of October, Wang Yi retweeted a post by Hua Chunhui who satirically challenged the anti-Japanese angry youths in China by inviting them to destroy the Japan pavilion in Shanghai Expo. She added a comment, “Angry youth, come forward and break the pavilion!” in her retweet.

The police interpreted her satire as a public order disturbance and asked the Labour Re-education committee to sentence her to one year labour camp, from November 15 2010 to November 9 2011 in Zhenzhou Shibali river labour re-education camp.

According to Xiaoyong tweets, Wang Yi has became an online activist since 2006 and has helped a number of human rights activists to raise fund and participated in a number of flash mob actions.