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Nepal: Journalist Attacked for International Reporting

Categories: Nepal, Harassment, Violent Threats

[1]Nepalese journalist Shreedeep Rayamajhi is an accomplished blogger and journalist, writing for international news organizations such as GroundReport and CNN's iReport.  Rayamajhi writes for prestigious local publications as well, such as the Nepal Travellers Publication, and works for a US-based nonprofit in Kathmandu.

Rayamajhi began receiving anonymous e-mail threats for his work as a journalist several months ago, which he then reported on November 14.  On November 16, Rayamajhi claims he was attacked, suffering a fracture to his clavicle and a sprained ankle.  He reported the attack to local police but claims that, because he was a freelance journalist without media backing, he was not taken seriously.  Rayamajhi told us that he has stopped reporting and fears for his life.

According to a report by the Committee to Protect Journalists [2], journalists in Nepal are frequent targets of violent attack; in 2010, three media owners were gunned down, and at least six journalists have been killed [3] for their work since 2000.

Rayamajhi's story can be seen in his own words [4] on Ground Report.