January, 2011

Stories from January, 2011

11 January 2011

Saudi policy on blogging criticized

Saudi Arabia has for long faced criticism and scrutiny for not allowing the country's press and the people to express themselves without any fear of reprisal. The criticism is sure...

7 January 2011

Tunisia : Blogger, Global Voices contributor, Slim Amamou arrested today

Activist and blogger Slim Amamou was arrested today, January 6, around 1pm. At this time, his friends and colleagues have no news from him, nor do we know the exact...

5 January 2011

China: An alleged list of banned SMS terms

Elaine Chow from Shanghaiist reports on an alleged list of banned SMS by major mobile companies in China in 2010. The documents, distributed by @zuola via Twitter, are claimed to...

4 January 2011

Taiwan restricting the press?

Reports suggest Taiwan is restricting the press and Freedom House has downgraded theĀ islandĀ nation in its annual global free press report. According to The Christian Science Monitor, “Freedom of speech and...

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