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Venezuela: Troubles to access Blogger.com

Categories: Venezuela, Regulation

During all the month of August, Venezuelan bloggers have been complaining about difficulties to access Blogger.com services. A thread was opened [es] [1] in Google support forums, according to which, traceroutes made by users are giving different kind of responses, being the most frequent one “Destination host unreachable”.
According to users, the problems are intermittent and are preventing them from entering their dashboards and their own blogs. Also, they have said that it's possible to access Blogger using the alternative Google's DNS, when the problem presents.
Users report that this has ocurred before, and there are other threads, from 2010, reporting similar issues. However, the problem never has lasted this long, and never before caught the attention of the mainstream media. A few days ago, one of the main Venezuelan newspapers, Últimas Noticias [es], reported [2]:

Según las denuncias, se está produciendo una limitación en los servidores DNS de Cantv en Venezuela que dificulta el acceso de usuarios y blogueros al famoso sitio Blogger.com perteneciente a Google, donde se crean los conocidos “blogspot”.

According to reports, there is a narrowing in the DNS servers of CANTV in Venezuela, which impedes the access of users to the famous Blogger.com site owned by Google, where people create the famous “blogspot” [blogs].

On Twitter, users have expressed their concern:

@euglidesgarcia [3]: En VENEZUELA hay problemas para acceder a las paginas de Blogger… Y no hay quien de respuesta o posibles razones de esta situación…!!!

@euglidesgarcia [3]: In Venezuela there are troubles to access Blogger pages… And no one gives answers or possible reasons for this situation…!!!

@concienciavial: [4] @googledevlatam saludos.Desd Venezuela pregunto: ¿por q tantos problemas para cargar blogger desd cualquier navegador?es aquí o son ustedes?

@concienciavial [4]: @googledevlatam Hi, from Venezuela I ask: why all the issues to load Blogger from every browser? is it here or is it you?

Citizens claim that, even when the problems have been profusely reported to CANTV (the main, government-owned, Venezuelan ISP), the company has not provided any answer, nor have they solved the issue.