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“Don’t Fear the Internet”: An Infographic

Categories: Chile, Free Expression

Note: Article [1] [es] by Derechos Digitales originally published in Spanish, translated by Silvia Viñas [2].

We’ve already shown you how the Internet, without freedom of expression, loses its value [3]; and how this right involves things as simple as choosing a domain name [4].

Indeed, sometimes we are not aware of freedom of expression on the Internet, we take it for granted. However, many of the things we do online on a daily basis depend on that right, and without freedom of expression, those practices would be compromised for different reasons: from police censorship and persecution in some countries; to excesses in criminal and copyright prosecution in Chile.

Now we present a new infographic from our campaign #NoTemasaInternet [5] [es] (Don’t fear the Internet) where we want to show, in simple and didactic terms, some of the things you can do on the Internet thanks to your right to freedom of expression.

Visit our Tumblr [6] [es] and see this infographic in more detail. See the English version below: