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Chile: “I’m in Dicom,” New Video on Copyright and Freedom of Expression

Categories: Chile, Free Expression, Intellectual Property

Note: Article [1] [es] by Derechos Digitales originally published in Spanish, translated by Silvia Viñas [2].

Translator’s note: Dicom [3] [es] is a credit reporting agency [4] in Chile owned by Equifax [5]. The phrase “estoy en Dicom” [I’m in Dicom] is commonly used by Chileans to indicate they have a bad report.

The case of the movie “I'm in Dicom” [6] [es] is highly instructive for understanding how intellectual property can affect freedom of expression. The case includes two curious legal actions: first, Equifax, the company that owns Dicom, attempts to revoke the domain estoyendicom.cl because the film was allegedly taking customers away from their product. But then, according to the company, “I'm in Dicom” already exists, since it is supposedly the name of a literary work that was previously registered by an Equifax employee.

Both actions clearly sought to prevent the development and release of the movie at all costs.

In this new video from the #NoTemasaInternet [7] [es] (“Don’t fear the Internet) campaign, makers of the movie “I’m in Dicom” tell us why they don’t fear the Internet, describing these legal actions and how, despite Equifax’s attempts, they trust that their right to freedom of expression will prevail over the copyright claims presented in the case.