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#DELETECONTROL/: Campaign Against Digital Repression

Written by Hisham Almiraat On 10 January 2013 @ 9:45 pm | 1 Comment

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The time when governments were only starting to understand the power of the Internet is long gone. Repressive regimes have seen the power of the Internet to bring about change and they are trying to control it by developing sophisticated censorship and surveillance tactics, often working hand-in-hand with private companies.

Fortunately, ways to counter online repression and control do exist.

The Netherlands-based Humanist Institute for Cooperation, Hivos [1], in partnership with Global Voices Advocacy [2]Witness [3]Mideast Youth [4] and Tactical Technology Collective [5], is launching a campaign called #DELETECONTROL/ [6].

The campaign aims to promote tools against censorship, online surveillance and repression to “help bloggers […] stay under the radar and be safe online.” It also aims to create a supportive environment for threatened netizens through donations, by organizing trainings, creating free online platforms and the development of new solutions against digital repression.

One of the major vehicles of the campaign is an interactive film produced by Godmother Films [7], entitled “#DELETECONTROL/ Would you dare to upload the truth?”. The video walks us though the most common threats faced by digital activists in a repressive environment and offers simple solutions to avoid being caught.

Please support the campaign by sharing the video and by spreading the word.

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