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Resources: Guide to Creating Facebook Pages with Impact

Categories: Activism, Advocacy, Sovereigns of the Cyberspace

This post was originally published on our sister website Rising Voices [1].

It's no small task for small organizations and activists to put together a strategic Facebook page, and navigating around Facebook's setup pages can be confusing. Originally published in Arabic, Social Media Exchange [2] (SMEX) just released the English version of their booklet Creating Facebook Pages with Impact [3]. Breaking down how to use Facebook pages for activists, it addresses both technical aspects and management strategies.

Originally the booklet was developed to to support advocacy and activism in Arabic societies, and includes several examples from the Arab world – but its use is potentially global.


SMEX Facebook guide in English

The booklet was developed for people with intermediate-level Internet skills… so you don't need to be a hacker to use it.

Beginning with clear guidelines on page setup, the booklet directs the page creator to exactly which buttons to click or the meanings of various setup options. After a clear explanation of laying the “pages” versus “groups,” producing content, and publishing, the booklet goes on to address management techniques with strategic questions: is the page about raising awareness, generating donations, educating supporters, or improving internal communications?

Creating Facebook Pages with Impact also discusses:
– How to promote and manage the page
– Updating the page and developing a posting schedule
– How to best link to the rest of your social media outlets
– Security

It is be useful not only for setting up a page, but also for organisations that already have one: it neatly breaks down Facebook's “insights” (statistics) and how to use these to your advantage.

This version is the newest update with recent Facebook changes taken into account. It can be downloaded from SMEX's website in English [5], as can the original version in Arabic [6].

And you can always look up the SMEX Facebook page [7] to see how they do it.