November, 2007

Stories from November, 2007

China: NGO blogger's house raided, hard drive confiscated

  29 November 2007

The blogger behind one nominee in the Best of Blogs competition which concluded earlier this month had his house searched earlier today and his computer hard drive confiscated. Zhai Minglei, based in Shanghai, had in recent years left his job at one of China's most widely-read liberal publications, Southern Weekly,...

Egypt: YouTube Disables Activist's Account

  28 November 2007

A storm is brewing in the Egyptian blogosphere after video hosting site YouTube removed several videos featuring policemen torturing victims from their site. “This is by far the biggest blow to the anti-torture movement in Egypt,” writes Wael Abbas, an award winning blogger, whose videos capturing the torture of victims...

Syria: Facebook Banned

  19 November 2007

Syria's netizens have been given another slap on the face with the banning of social networking site Facebook. With Blogger already blocked, the country's bloggers are fuming and have a lot to say about the latest development. From Damascus, Golaniya sets the mood: “Facebook is blocked in Syria, would I...

Access Denied Map: Mapping Web 2.0 Censorship

  13 November 2007

ARCHIVED: This map was created in 2007 and hence reflects online censorship data from that period in time. Please do not refer to this as current data. We maintain this page on our site as an archive for readers interested in the history of anonymous online censorship. The recent explosion...

Tunisia: is Youtube blocked?

  2 November 2007

Update: It's been confirmed that Youtube is being blocked by all Tunisian ISPs since November 2nd, 2007. Several Tunisian bloggers are reporting today not being able to access the popular video-sharing site Youtube. One Tunisian blogger who has done a traceroute from Tunisia to check the block has sent us...