Attribution Policy

We believe that sharing our content with both non-commercial and commercial publications is the best way to make the voices of bloggers around the world heard by as many people as possible.

This is one of our most important goals.

While we authorize and encourage everyone to use our content, we feel it's important that our contributors receive appropriate credit.

All content created by Global Voices and Global Voices Advocacy is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Only license (CC BY). You are free to share, republish or remix so long as you attribute Global Voices Advocacy and the author clearly as the original source. When republishing content from our site, please include a link to the original post.

For example:

This article was authored by Oiwan Lam. It originally appeared on Global Voices Advocacy.

Please note: In the case of images and multimedia we have sourced from others you need permission to republish from the creators, as they may have different copyright terms from Global Voices.

Creative Commons offers a more flexible license than traditional copyright. It enables us to set the terms for how people can republish or translate our content freely without asking.

If you want to make us extra happy, please include our logo in the attribution. You can find many variants and sizes of our logo in the Advox Logos Page. Thanks for your support!