Dren Gërguri

Dren Gërguri is a lecturer at the Department of Journalism, University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” in Kosovo.

He has worked as a journalist since 2009. For a decade, he worked for the private television channel Kohavision (KTV); he is now a freelancer. He has held several media literacy trainings and anti-disinformation trainings, in Kosovo, Western Balkans, and other European countries.

He has lectured as a guest lecturer in several European universities, including Marburg University and the University of Wroclaw. His recent publications are “Political Communication in the Age of Social Media” (a book published by KAS) and “Kosovo: Political Crisis, One More Challenge Alongside COVID-19“, a chapter on “Political Communication and COVID-19”, a book published by Routledge.

His personal blog is: www.drengerguri.com.

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