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China: Netizen Representatives or 50 Cents Rule!

  24 February 2009

The Xinhua News reported yesterday (Feb 23) that a conference had been held last weekend on Feb 16 by the Office of Nationwide anti-Smut campaign (全国整治互联网低俗之风专项行动办公室) and the Beijing Association of Online Media (北京网络媒体协会), in which representatives of netizen gave suggestion on cleaning up the internet. Rebecca MacKinnon gave some...

China: Beijing Blogger-Lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan Harassed by Authority

  18 February 2009

Beijing blogger-lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan has been harassed by authority due to his involvement in the call for direct election of the Beijing Lawyer Association. Lui's Law firm, Yitong, may have to close down for six months. According to Liu's blogpost yesterday (17 of Feb): two days ago, 16 of February,...

China: Prominent Blogger Stabbed

  14 February 2009

About two hours ago, Zola from twitter reported that he got a phone call from Guo Jian-loong saying prominent blogger and novelist, Xu Lai at ProState in Flame was stabbed twice in a book store, One Way Street, at Beijing when he was about to have a finished a public...

China: E-group cleaning at Douban.com

  9 February 2009

Douban.com, one of the most popular Web 2.0 website in China, is forced to close some of its e-groups due to the recent anti-Smuts campaign. However, many of the deleted e-groups are social and political in nature rather than vulgar and indecent. Peter Guo from Amoiist wrote in his blog...

Shanzhai Spring Festival Gala blocked in China

  5 February 2009

In the evening of 25 of January 2009, most Chinese people in mainland China were at home, enjoying the year end dinner while waiting for the Lunar New Year. A usual entertainment for the night among family members was to watch the Spring Festival Gala broadcasted by CCTV. This year,...