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China: Calling Guo Baofeng back home for dinner!

  24 July 2009

Blogger Peter Guo Baofeng, or amoiist, has been detained for more than a week by Mawei police in Fujian. According to twitter report (locked), the Mawei police asked the six detainees, including Peter Guo, to sign a confession and admit committing the crime of defamation and spreading rumors in order...

China: Political harassement of bloggers demanding the release of Ilham Tohti

  23 July 2009

Uighur professor of Minzu University of China and founder of Uighurbiz, IIham Tohti, has disappeared for more than two weeks. More than 374 signatures have been collected demanding the Chinese government to release him. Some of the people who had signed the statement were harassed and interrogated by police among...

China: Netizens arrested for gang rape scandal in Fujian

  17 July 2009

Yesterday (July 16) in early morning, twitterer amoiist sent out a mobile message to twitter saying: “I have been arrested by Mawei police, SOS.” And the second message is: “Pls help me, I grasp the phone during police sleep”. Since then, there isn't any update in his twitter. His arrest...

Uighurbiz.cn's founder detained

  8 July 2009

In twitter, a number of retweets said that IIham Tohti, a Uighur professor in Minzu university of China and founder of Uighurbiz.cn has been detained. According to Xinjiang Governor Nur Bekri's press statement, the Urumqi riot was led by Uighur exiles via the Internet: “Rebiya had phone conversations with people...